Are you considering making a move to Windham, New Hampshire? If so, you’re in the right place. Planning your upcoming move to Windham may bring a whirlwind of emotions, good and bad, that can be difficult to manage. The most challenging part of transitioning comfortably to your new home is typically the moving.

If you’re planning to move to Windham, New Hampshire, and looking for Windham movers, you’re in the right place. College Bound Movers offers high-quality moving services to make your journey to Windham stress-free and help you quickly adapt to your new home. Our team of Windham movers has the services and knowledge you need during this time.

This article will explain the excellent services we offer at College Bound Movers and a comprehensive city guide to make your move as seamless as possible and ensure that your life in Windham begins on a positive note.

What We Offer

College Bound Movers provides an expert team of moving professionals ready to help you in any way you need. Let’s look at our moving services to help you see how College Bound Movers are the right Windham movers for you.

Residential Moving Services

Our residential services include the Mini Move Program package, perfect for small, local moves to Windham. Whether in Windham or nearby and moving to the city, College Bound Movers has what you need for a successful residential move. Our program provides various savings and includes the following:

  • One College Bound Movers Truck
  • Two of our movers for four hours (time includes roundtrip travel)
  • Mileage and fuel (Maximum of 30 miles round trip)
  • $499.00

On your moving day, our Windham movers will arrive and provide services like disassembling and reassembling furniture, shrink-wrapping your belongings, or moving furniture within your home. Additionally, we provide various packing materials for a smooth and safe transition.

Commercial Moving Services

Our team of Windham movers is experienced in all things moving and can provide essential commercial moving services for businesses. When you choose College Bound Movers for your commercial moving needs, you can guarantee that the job will be completed with as little disruption to your business as possible. Our movers can provide services for packing, disassembling, loading, unloading, reassembling, and setting up essential equipment and furniture in your commercial move that arrives damage-free.

Packing Services

Packing is an essential step in the moving process–and, for many people, the most stressful. Without a team of professional Windham movers, you risk incorrectly packing your fragile items and causing costly damage to your favorite possessions.

Our Windham movers provide extensive packing services, including the following:

  • Full packing for your home’s entire contents
  • Partial packing for specific areas of your home
  • Fragile packing for all delicate items
  • Crating for specialty items
  • Finish work on self-pack items that could not be completed

Labor Only Services

Our Windham movers understand that not all moves require extensive, full-service packages. Many customers only require help with the manual labor that comes with making a big move. If this is the case for you, consider our labor-only services to make your move seamless.

Some of the labor-only services we provide include the following:

  • Moving furniture in your home
  • Moving from one apartment to another unit in the same complex or development
  • Loading and unloading a customer rental truck
  • Loading and unloading a portable storage container
  • Moving new purchases into your home when a delivery company only provides curbside options

Long Distance Moving Services

Long-distance moves are incredibly stressful for many customers, but the extensive planning that comes with a long-distance move is easy to navigate with our moving team. The Windham movers from College Bound Movers are experienced in long-distance moving and will work with you to guarantee the safe packing of your items.

Additionally, we recognize that a long-distance move can cause many concerns for your budget. To help take the pressure off your shoulders, we provide customizable options for services to give as much or as little support and guidance as you need to navigate your long-distance move to Windham.

Storage Services

If you’re not ready to complete your move to Windham just yet, no worries–College Bound Movers can still help. We provide safe, secure, and budget-friendly portable and self-storage options to protect your belongings no matter what stage of your move.

A Guide to the Beautiful City of Windham, New Hampshire

Your journey to Windham starts here. To help you adapt, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about Windham as you prepare for your move.


Windham is a small town located in Rockingham County, about an hour-long drive away from Boston. With a population just shy of 16,000 in 2021, Windham is a peaceful place to live, with easy access to the beautiful outdoors and plenty of amenities to make your life easy and enjoyable.

Landmarks and Attractions

Windham is home to many beautiful and historic landmarks and attractions. Below is a list of some top spots to check out when you move to Windham.

  1. Searles Castle: This stunning landmark was commissioned by Edward Francis Searles. Constructed between 1905-1915, the landmark is perfect for celebrations, weddings, or long walks across the stunning grounds of this castle.
  2. Johnson’s Highland View Farm: This quaint local farm is a favorite of Windham residents and offers fresh fruits and vegetables, delicious ice cream, and plenty of grounds to walk along. As a family farm, Johnson’s Highland View holds immense value to Windham residents and is sure to make you feel like a local in no time.
  3. Griffin Park: This gorgeous landscape is a hidden gem and favorite of long-time Windham residents. Griffin Park is the perfect quaint escape from everyday stressors, with spaces for sports teams to play, gorgeous walking trails, a playground, and a stunning gazebo.
  4. Windham Museum: The Windham Museum is a gem in Windham. It has been restored by a team of dedicated volunteers and trustees to revive the gorgeous artifacts, art, and historical items and showcase the town’s beautiful history.


Windham is home to various community events for all ages. Whether you’re looking for activities for the family or going solo, Windham’s tight-knit community will welcome you with open arms. Some of the fun activities you can find yearly in Windham include the following:

  • Community Easter Egg Hunt
  • Fireworks displays at the end of June
  • Memorial Day Parade in May
  • Food Truck Festival
  • Harvest Festival
  • Strawberry Festival
  • Senior Picnic
  • Christmas Tree Lighting and Visits From Santa
  • Daddy/Daughter Dances
  • Mother/Son Night
  • Various athletic events and programs


Windham is an incredibly safe town compared to the national average for crime and safety. The town is an estimated 84% safer than other U.S. cities, towns, and villages. The town also has a crime rate 79% lower than the rest of New Hampshire, making it an excellent option for anyone to move.

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