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Are you looking to move to Merrimack, New Hampshire? Perhaps you want to know more about the location before finalizing your decision. When moving to a new place, it’s important to learn information about it, such as the cost of living, the job market, the housing market, and things you can do there.

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Cost of Living in Merrimack, NH

For the cost of living information in Merrimack, a single adult can expect a yearly expense of around $36,952. This amount is less than the average annual cost of living in the United States.

Couples can expect an annual cost of living of about $50,168, while a family of three or more can expect around $72,218 to as much as $98,818 a year.

The state of New Hampshire doesn’t impose a sales tax. This has made it a haven for shoppers thanks to tax-free shopping.

Since there’s no sales tax, the price of purchases is straightforward. People who live in Merrimack can buy clothing, electronics, appliances, and automobiles at reduced prices compared to other areas in the country.

Over time, the ability to bypass paying sales taxes on purchases will allow residents in the area to achieve a low cost of living.

Job Market in Merrimack, NH

There are many jobs available in Merrimack, New Hampshire which makes it an ideal place for people to move to. Employees earn an average salary of about $78,000 a year and can reach as much as $146,000 annually.

The most in-demand professionals in the town are software engineers, electrical engineers, and principal software engineers.

Housing Market in Merrimack, NH

Housing plays a key role in one’s cost of living, so it’s only natural to learn it before deciding to hire Merrimack movers. In this location, you can expect a median home value of around $166,100, significantly lower than the national median home value of more than $200,000.

Renting can also be a great alternative for people who find homeownership more costly. Approximately 28% of occupied homes in Merrimack are rented out, which is lower than the national renter rate. You can also expect to pay a typical rent of $1,414 a month.

Things to Do in Merrimack, NH

As a quaint little town in Hillsborough County of New Hampshire, Merrimack offers a great place for bachelors and families to live. The town has many interesting activities and attractions ranging from mountain biking trails and horseback riding, and access to conservation areas.

To give you an idea, these are the top things you can do in Merrimack today.

Explore Watson Park

People new to Merrimack should check out Watson Park, a serene nature wonderland donated by Harold and Barbara Watson. It is bordered in the south by the Souhegan River as well as the Baboosic Brook to the east. This means that the park has an abundance of wildlife that you’ll most likely encounter on one of your trips there.

Besides outstanding trails for hikers, the park offers a tranquil picnic area that can be reserved for groups. It comes with charcoal grills, beach volleyball courts, hopscotch courts, a butterfly garden, and several picnic tables.

Many people visit the park for passive recreation thanks to its many open spaces. The most popular events held in Watson Park include birthday parties and small weddings.

Visit Wildcat Falls Park and Conservation Area

Checking out Wildcat Falls Park and Conservation Area should be another activity for new residents in Merrimack. This nature preserve, located just outside the town, provides families with an area where they can have fun and participate in various outdoor activities.

You can find the Wildcat Falls hiking trail in the park, which is an 11.5-mile trail that is ideal for all levels of walkers and hikers. The trail will go across the park and will bypass Wildcat Falls itself. You can expect to find diverse flora and fauna in this nature preserve.

Go On a Brewery Tour

Besides nature parks, Merrimack is known as the location where one of the Anheuser-Busch Breweries is situated. People who are curious to know how their favorite drinks are made can go on a complimentary tour, which is available on a daily basis.

Visitors can even go in-depth by learning how the beer-making process is done through the “Brew Master” tours that they offer. Each tour can last approximately an hour and a half and will include visitors to the gift shop, hospitality room, and the grounds.

Meanwhile, fans of craft beer will want to check out the Able Ebenezer craft brewery. Visitors can learn how this veteran-owned brewery produces its outstanding red ales and seasonal beers.

Attend Festivals and Events

Newcomers should also not miss out on attending the Great American Ribfest at the Anheuser-Busch grounds that is held annually in Merrimack. This spring festival goes on for two days and features some of the best BBQ food, beer, live music, and family fun one can experience.

Besides that, there’s also the annual Fourth of July parade, concert, road race, and fireworks. The Merrimack Premium Outlets supports several artisans and craftspeople each year, allowing you to purchase a wide range of handmade goods.

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Merrimack is one of the best towns you can move to in New Hampshire. It is known for its low cost of living, good job outlook, and ideal housing market.

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