Hire Merrimack Movers to Help Move Your Parents

For the early part of our lives, our parents take care of us. But as adults, there may come a time when we need to return the favor.

If you have parents who need help moving, then you’ve got a helping hand in College Bound Movers. Specifically, you’ve got a whole team of them, along with all the supplies and equipment you could ever need for your parents’ move.

We know that moving your parents is a very personal and important matter. We bring 30 years of experience and a reputation as New Hampshire’s top-rated moving company, so you’ll know that your parents’ possessions and their peace of mind are both in good hands.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting – We’re at Your Service

Maybe your parents are heading to a smaller home since they’ve emptied the nest. Perhaps they’re heading to a new town for retirement, or even an apartment complex where they can meet new friends and participate in fun activities for older adults.

Whether the move is local or long-distance, to a house or an apartment, we handle the process with an expert touch. Here are a few reasons you should hire us.

Your Family Calls the Shots

We’re a professional family ready to treat you and yours like our own. We know that people are very particular about their parents’ peace of mind during the moving process. We’re at your service – simply tell us how you need us to handle your moving experience, then sit back and watch us make it happen.

We also assemble and disassemble furniture. This will make it easy for your parents to get set up and settled in at their new location. 

We Supply the Equipment You Need 

Parents can accrue a lot of precious items over the years. Whether it’s that loveseat that sat in the family living room for years, the faithful refrigerator that everyone raided, or even the precious keepsakes you bought them for holidays, we’re prepared to move everything safely.

We bring everything the job requires – boxes and tape, wraps and pads, and even totes and mattress covers. We’ll go to great lengths to treat your parents’ belongings with the respect they deserve.

Need Packing Services Only? We’ve Got You Covered

Some people may prefer to transport their parents’ belongings on their own. We’re also happy to provide standalone packing services if that’s all you’re looking for. 

You can count on the team here at College Bound Movers for:

  • Packing Entire Homes or Apartments: Whether you’re looking to empty out an entire house or just move from one apartment to another, we’ll get everything packed up and ready to go.
  • Packing Single Rooms: If you have a parent who is moving out of your house, we’re able to pack up single rooms as well. We work efficiently so your house won’t be held up with this job.
  • Packing Up After You’ve Started: Sometimes you and your parents may start packing but realize you don’t have the time or supplies to finish up. No matter where you are in the process, tag us in to finish up for you.

If you need a truck to get your parents’ belongings from A to B, we’ve got you covered there as well. Our rental options make it easy for you to get the perfect amount of space to transfer everything safely no matter where you’re going. We also provide labor only if you need it.

Storage Trailer Services Help with Gradual Moves

Sometimes moving your parents is a long process. You may be discussing different locations for them, you could be waiting for certain other arrangements to come through, and you of course want to make sure they’re feeling up to it when the time does come to proceed.

What’s the solution for managing moves that are done in small steps or over an extended period? Portable storage. This option allows you to gather up belongings and safeguard them – all while setting them up to be moved swiftly whenever the time comes.

MI-BOX is a proud partner of ours, and through them we can provide you with portable storage that’s delivered right to you and easy to transport. Pay on a convenient monthly basis with no change or cancel fees. If you don’t want to keep a unit on your property, consider renting one of these secure temperature-controlled units from Trophy Storage. 

These units are a big help if your plans are still being processed, or if you’d prefer to take the moving process at a gradual rate that your parents would be more comfortable with.

Moving Them Locally in Merrimack or Long-Distance?

The team at College Bound Movers has moved our great customers all over the Northeast as well as down the East Coast.

Whether you’re getting your parents their own place just down the street, or you’re setting them up in a beautiful retirement destination that’s states away, we’re up to the task of getting them moved.

Since they rely on you for help, you can think of us as the family you can rely on. We make moving an enjoyable occasion by saving you time and stress, so you and your loved ones can look forward to the new chapter in life.

You’re in Good Hands – Just Ask Our Customers

All it takes is one glance at our review page and you can see our commitment to excellence demonstrated. From quotes and planning to packing and moving to unpacking and assembly, we strive for satisfaction in all areas of the moving process.

How do we maintain this consistent quality and continue to rank highly in a competitive area? Through regular training of our team. They learn the optimal approach to customer service and paperwork, safe techniques for lifting, packing, and driving, plus more. 

College Bound Movers is Here for You and Yours 

When it comes time to move your parents, you’re doing an important service for someone who has been there for you throughout life. Now let us be there for you and show you what kind of service we can provide.

Not only is every possession a person owns important, but their family is the type of possession they value more than anything. Our professional family is here to serve you and yours, so reach out today.

Contact College Bound Movers quick so we can get you on the list and prioritize your parents’ move – visit our website, give us a call or get a free estimate here. 

Ready to move? We’ve got you covered.

Save time and energy and book your move with us today.