Moving Tips and Tricks

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Moving Tips and Tricks

Looking for moving tips and tricks?

Moving is so much easier when you take an organized approach. Our moving tips will help you avoid many of the headaches and hassles that typically come with a move. With this advice, you’re guaranteed to have the most trouble-free move ever.

1. Start Organizing Early

As soon as you know that you’re going to move, it’s time to start de-cluttering. It’s the perfect excuse to get rid of that old prom dress and the set of golf clubs that you’ve never used. Why move them if you don’t use them? Donate or sell them instead.

2. Schedule Utilities and Other Services in Advance

You’ll need to cancel many of the existing utilities and services at your old address before you leave. Be sure to contact the utility company, pest control service providers, housecleaners and yard maintenance personnel in advance. Also, take some time to have these services set up at your new address so everything will be working when you arrive. Don’t forget to let the post office know you’re moving.

3. Make Sure Each Family Member Has an Essentials Bag

Pack an overnight bag with a toothbrush, toiletries, medications, phone chargers and at least one change of clothes for everyone in the family. This way, you’re prepared for anything on the road and any mishaps that may occur on move-in day.

4. Plan For Your Trip

If your move involves going a longer distance than just going across town, good planning is essential. If you’re flying, make your reservations early and confirm them a week or two before the move. If you’re driving, have your car serviced by the local mechanic to ensure everything is working. Make hotel reservations in advance if they are required.

5. Say Farewell

Take some time in the weeks before your move to visit favorite places like parks or restaurants that your family is going to miss at your new home. Throw a party for friends, family and neighbors that you’re going to be living farther away from. These rituals will make your move feel far less rushed and hectic.

6. Book a Moving Company Early

Perhaps the most important of these moving tips is to contact College Bound Movers soon after you know you’ll relocate. We can provide you with a customized estimate by visiting your home to go over what needs to be moved. We’ll assess whether or not any of your belongings will require special handling and review what kinds of packing materials and equipment will be required. Keeping our contact information handy lets you know who to call when questions or concerns arise.

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