Here’s How to Destress Your New England Move

No one ever said moving was a breeze. It can be stressful ad overwhelming to uproot your life and transplant yourself to a totally new place. But there are ways you can destress your move, from choosing reputable movers to starting the packing process early. 

So why is moving so stressful? There are many reasons, such as money concerns, finding a new home, starting a new life, getting a new job, starting a new school…the list goes on and on. Add in the physical stress and mental exhaustion that comes with a move of any kind and you have a very anxiety-provoking situation.  

Here’s how you can limit your stress and actually enjoy your residential relocation.

Make Packing Fun

Yes, you have to make sure you’re packing properly and efficiently so nothing breaks. But no one says you have to do it in silence! Put on some tunes, sing along and dance around while you pack things in boxes. Make it a family affair and get the kids in on the act too. The less mundane this task, the faster it will go.

Start packing early, too. Give yourself a goal of packing a certain number of boxes per day so you don’t get overwhelmed as moving day inches closer.


Multi-task the packing process by de-cluttering your life at the same time. Go through your closets, attic, basement, and all other rooms to purge the things you no longer need. Give stuff away, donate it, sell it or just throw it out. Lightening your load now will save your sanity later. Plus, it will give you a much-needed sense of accomplishment.

Organize Boxes

As you pack, be as organized as you can be. Because you have already sorted everything out, this part shouldn’t be too hard. Organization is key to ensuring you’re not stressed on the other end when you have to unpack everything later. Be sure to label all boxes with the contents and the destination room.

Ask For Help

The best way to keep stress to a minimum is to get help. From professional movers to friends and family, ask for help where you can get it. Help with the physical lifting is great, as are offers of child or pet care from neighbors. If people offer help, take them up on it.

Take Frequent Breaks

Burnout can settle in quickly if you don’t take breaks here and there to decompress. Reward yourself after each major task with a snack or a walk. Stay hydrated, eat, remember to breathe, and laugh at the little things. Do some yoga, meditate or just read a chapter when you feel stressed out. Don’t let those feelings build up to unhealthy levels.

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