Importance of Hiring a Moving Company for Corporate Relocation

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Did you know that corporate relocation can actually be good for your business? Yes, the office relocation process is a hassle, but the benefits may outweigh the downsides if you’re ready for a change.

You might be thinking that you can do it on your own or with the help of your employees, but this isn’t the best call. Hiring professional office movers is a great alternative.

We’re here to talk about some of the top reasons that you should hire the pros for your big move. Read on to learn more.

Less Business Downtime

When you’re planning a full corporate relocation, you need to factor in potential downtime, especially if this is your only office or storefront. If you have another one that people are already working at, this downtime isn’t as significant.

If this is your only one, every moment that you spend working on the move is a moment that you and your employees can’t be working in the office.

Between planning, packing, and moving, it can take a long time not just to complete the initial move, but to get everything where it needs to be. You and your employees will be distracted during this time, so you won’t be able to have some people work while the move is going on.

When you hire movers, this isn’t a problem. Because they’re taking care of it, everyone at the workplace can continue to stay productive until the last minute, and they can resume work at the new workplace more quickly.

While a small amount of downtime is normal and acceptable for any business, if you have clients or customers that rely on you, you can’t afford to be unavailable for too long. You may lose customer trust, lose business, and thus lose money (more on that later).

Happier Employees

You may think it would be just as good to use the employees you already have, especially if you have a large team. If everyone bands together, you can get this work done in a flash, right?

This isn’t necessarily true.

Your employees, even if they’ve participated in a small move before, aren’t professional movers. They aren’t properly equipped to handle a move, and unless you’re paying them more for the trouble, that’s not the work they were hired to do.

Employees deserve to be paid for their work, and if you’re already paying your employees overtime to help with the move, doesn’t it just make sense to fit professional movers into your corporate relocation budget instead?

Your employees, if they’re forced to help you move, may be unhappy as a result. Happy employees are more productive employees, and productive employees keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.

When you hire professional movers, your employees can continue to do what you pay them to do. They won’t feel overburdened by the task of moving.

Less Work for You

So what if you decide to take the task on by yourself? This may seem like an effective option if your office is somewhat small, but is it really the best choice?

Moving alone is time-consuming. You may think you’re helping by doing it after-hours, but you can spend all night, several nights in a row, trying to move everything from point A to point B.

You also likely don’t have the equipment required to move things without help. Small objects are simple enough, but anything substantial (especially if you plan on moving down a flight of stairs) will require specialized tools.

You also risk injury.

Professionals are Licensed and Insured

Speaking of injuries, if you try to handle the move on your own or have your employees do it, you’re risking serious injuries. Moving is taxing. Even the simplest moves can result in pulled muscles, fractures, and more.

If you or your employees get injured during the move, that becomes your responsibility. Because you and your employees haven’t been trained to move things, injuries are more likely.

When you hire professional movers, they have the licenses and insurance to protect themselves. If there’s an injury on the job, it’s not your responsibility.

Safe and Secure Equipment and Supplies

When you’re moving things, you’re putting them at risk. It’s easy to drop things, hit them against walls (which can also damage the walls), and more.

Even packing things up in a moving truck the wrong way can result in serious damage. You may end up having to buy new objects or pay for repairs to the old (or new) office space.

Office movers know how to move your items safely from point A to point B. They may also be willing to replace damaged objects or provide some compensation if something is damaged as a result of the move.

Potentially More Affordable Than the Alternative

Having a professional moving company help you with moving office equipment isn’t going to be cheap, and this makes some employers think that it’s not worthwhile. It may actually be more cost-effective than the alternative, however.

Consider everything you need to rent or buy to make the move happen. You need a moving truck, supplies to make the move easier, packing supplies, and more. You also need to factor in the time that you won’t be making money because you’re moving.

When you keep these things in mind, the cost of hiring office movers becomes comparable.

Hire Movers for Your Corporate Relocation

With these things in mind, it makes the most sense to hire professional office movers for your next corporate relocation. They’ll make the process safe, quick, and easy so you can resume work as soon as possible.

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