CBM University

Learning how to be a mover is not easy. There are a lot of aspects to moving beyond carrying a customer’s belongings. By training our movers to handle all aspects of various situations, CBM enables them to move more than furniture… they can move families, homes and businesses with great care and attention to detail.

college bound movers team in new hampshire


Each class is taught by either the Field Operations Manager or a Senior Crew Chief. Each mover is required to take the classes to advance within the ranks. Once a mover has achieved Crew Chief status, he or she is encouraged to continue taking the classes, so the information will always remain fresh and each customer will receive consistent and quality service.

The six classes we currently offer are:

  • Customer Service: focuses on how a Crew Chief should interact with their customers
  • Box Packing: teaches movers the proper way to pack items and the proper materials to use in every situation
  • Map Reading: movers review how to read a map and navigate through unfamiliar areas
  • Paperwork & Waivers: teaches the proper way to complete move paperwork thoroughly and correctly
  • Driving: ensures that each driver is capable of navigating a 24′ truck packed with a customer’s belongings
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance: informs movers which DOT regulations apply to them and how to always remain in compliance

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