Why is Home Staging So Important?

If you’re selling your home, you want to make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers. The end goal is to make sure the buyers can imagine themselves living in the home. It should be neat, stylish and tidy. Staging is an extra service many real estate agents offer to their sellers who want to make sure they put their best face forward.

You can hire your own professional staging company or you could ask your real estate agent for referrals. Some moving companies also offer this service. In fact, College Bound Movers offers home staging in conjunction with MI-BOX New England.

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Here are some benefits of home staging.

Buyers Can Visualize Themselves in the Space

This gives buyers a glimpse of how they would fit in the space and how they would utilize each room, from the playroom and office to living room and finished basement. According to the National Association of Realtors, 83 percent of buyers’ agents claimed staging a home made it simpler for buyers to visualize the property as their future home.

Part of this process involves de-personalizing the home, taking down family photos and removing other personal mementoes. Stagers will store your excess future and add neutral furniture and décor that appeals to a wide range of buyers.

Increases Home Value

Staging helps boost the value of your home. In the same study above, 22 percent of sellers’ agents claimed an increase of between one and five percent of the dollar value that was offered by buyers, compared with similar homes that were unstaged. In addition, 17 percent said that staging the home increased the dollar value by six to 10 percent.

Helps Property Photos Look Better Online

A staged home is more photogenic than one that is unstaged and cluttered. And with so many people checking out homes on social media platforms, photos have to be stunning and eye-catching. Another option is to virtually stage your home, whereby you can customize the furniture palette without the need for hiring a staging company to visit your home.

Gets Your Home Sold Faster

The longer your home sits on the market, the less likely it will sell at the asking price. You want it to sell quickly, preferably in the first weekend, and staging has the power to shorten the amount of time your home is on the open market. In fact, a study done by the Real Estate Staging Association said that staged homes generally spend 72 percent less time on the market and that buyers are more likely to put in a quick offer on houses that look move-in ready.

Showcases a Home’s Potential

Use staging to show buyers what they can do with the house. Perhaps they could use the fourth bedroom as a storage area or home gym. Or maybe you could transform the guest bedroom into a home office or playroom. Staging can create use out of otherwise-empty rooms.

Makes the House Feel Bigger

A room with strategically-placed furniture actually feels bigger than a completely empty room. That’s because empty rooms offer no spatial context, while a furnished room allows buyers to see the dimensions of décor and furniture in relation to the size of the room. It’s difficult for people to imagine how much room would be taken up by a king-sized bed, for example, when the room is totally empty.

Helps Lessen Your Packing Stress

If you clear a lot of this stuff out now, you won’t have to pack as much stuff when you move out. This lowers your stress level, as packing is usually the most stressful thing about moving. Why not do what you can to streamline the process and make your life easier in the end?

Now that you know the benefits of home staging, you can schedule your move with professional movers who offer home staging should you need it.

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