Best Companies to Work for in Merrimack

With ample job opportunities, abundant nature, and significantly less chance of impact by natural disasters, New Hampshire continues to be a place people where people want to move. Whether you choose to stay close to another state border or far up north closer to Canada, New Hampshire has plenty of towns, villages, and cities to call your new home.

As a town of a little over 26,000 people and growing, Merrimack, New Hampshire continues to attract more inhabitants and businesses alike. In addition to a fascinating history and close proximity to cities like Nashua, Manchester, Lowell, and Lawrence, Merrimack is home to various industries from retailers to technology software to electronics manufacturing. Read our guide to discover some of the best companies in Merrimack.

BAE Systems – Advanced Defense and Aerospace Systems

Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia and with over 30 offices throughout the U.S., BAE Systems, Inc. is a defense, aerospace and security company that provides products and services to both national and international land, air, and naval forces. It also develops advanced electronics, security and information technology solutions, and customer support services. BAE Systems’ Merrimack facility is an extension of its electronics systems development sector.

Kollsman, Inc. – Avionics and Electro-Optics Systems

Kollsman supplies avionics–electronic systems used in aircraft–as well as electro-optics systems to both commercial and military-grade aircraft. Headquartered in Merrimack, the company manufactures aircraft instrumentation and testing equipment, flight vision systems, cabin pressurization systems, and vision-based cockpits, among other aerospace-related technologies. Kollsman is an extension of Elbit Systems of America, a leading global manufacturer of defense, homeland security, and commercial technology systems.

Connection, Inc. – IT Services and Software Solutions

Also headquartered in Merrimack, Connection, Inc. (previously known as PC Connection until September 2016) develops IT and advanced technology solutions to commercial, healthcare, government, and educational marketplaces. As a Fortune 1000 Company, Connection Inc. is both large and profitable; with over 2,500 employees, an approximate annual revenue of $2.9 billion, and a position as a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ, Connection continues to grow steadily since its inception in 1982.

Connection also includes Connection Business Solutions, Connection Enterprise Solutions, and Connections Public Sector Solutions, as well as three sales subsidiaries: PC Connection Sales Corporation, MoreDirect, Inc., and GovConnection, Inc.

Brookstone – Specialty Retailer

Offering both individuals and corporations a variety of consumer products, Brookstone is a specialty retailer that has everything from outdoor entertainment like fire pits and hammocks to skincare products. Brookstone offers consumers access to brands and products not widely accessible from similar retailers. With a  focus on distinctive, innovative, and quality products, Brookstone is a welcome addition to both individuals looking for unique items and local businesses looking to make good impressions.

Raymarine, Inc. – Marine and Boating Electronics

Raymarune Inc., also known as Raymarine Marine Electronics, manufactures and supplies electronic systems and equipment for marine use. Beginning as a division of American aerospace and defense conglomerate Raytheon in 1923 when it assisted the company in producing the first depth echosounder, Raymarine has grown to include recreational and light commercial marine boats.

The company develops radars, marine instrumentation, and radios for various marine vehicles, such as fishing vessels, luxury cruise ships, and even navigation supplies for Coast Guard vessels.

Atrium Medical Corporation – Medical Research and Development

The business arm of MAQUET Cardiovascular and under the Getinge group of companies, Atrium Medical Corporation researches, produces, and develops innovative healthcare and life science technologies, such as decontamination and sterilization units, operating lights and tables, and heart rate monitor machines.

Offering job opportunities in everything from quality assurance and regulation, research and development, manufacturing, or marketing and product management, Atrium’s Merrimack office has wealth of opportunities.

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