People Are Moving to New Hampshire & Here’s Why

People are moving to New Hampshire, but why? What is so good about living in New Hampshire? More people are actually moving into New Hampshire than they are moving out, and more people are moving into the state and staying there for a long time. 

According to a 2020 study, a lot of people are moving to New Hampshire. In fact, New Hampshire has the fourth highest inbound moves of all 50 states. About 61% of NH moves were relocating somewhere within the state as opposed to leaving the state.

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Job Opportunities

New Hampshire had the highest population growth of any state in New England. Although some may argue that the population is growing so rapidly due to babies being born, that has been debunked. 

Studies have indicated that there have actually been more deaths in NH than babies being born. Therefore, the increase in population is due to migrants – people from outside the state moving into the state.

Since deaths are outnumbering births, there are many job opportunities for migrants.

Reasons Why People are Moving to New Hampshire

There are several reasons that people are moving to New Hampshire. 

Quality of Life

New Hampshire residents share that they have a very high quality of life. According to national quality of life indicators, New Hampshire is almost always in the top 3 states that have the highest quality of life. New Hampshire provides its residents with many natural attractions such as lakes, rivers, beaches, and mountains. Plus, it has all four seasons! However, it must be noted that winters can sometimes drag on and typically can be harsher than the other seasons.

A recent study asked college students about their quality of life while living in New Hampshire. A vast majority of students enjoyed their New Hampshire so much that 94% of the students said that they would be living there permanently. 

Younger People

In the past, New Hampshire has been known for having an older population. However, that has changed in recent years. Many of the residents moving into the state are highly educated and young. 

About 50% of the population in New Hampshire are residents that are not natives. Many of which are former students who attended university while in New Hampshire and didn’t want to leave.

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Natural Environment

New Hampshire is known for its natural communities encompassing habitats such as alpine meadows, riverbanks, forests, tidal marshes, ponds and cliffs.

Some of the best natural outdoor activities in New Hampshire include White Mountains, Hampton Beach, Cannon Mountain Tramway, Sculptured Rocks Natural Area, Lake Umbagog, Thompson Falls, Jenness State Beach, Pemigewasset Wilderness Area, Emerald Pool, and Mount Major.

No Income or Sales Tax

New Hampshire has no income tax and no sales tax. However, although you will be saving quite a bit on taxes from your income and sale tax, the property tax ranks one of the highest in the country. 

Low Crime Rate

If you are looking for a state with a low crime rate, then New Hampshire is the place for you! 80% of residents in New Hampshire reported that they feel safe where they live compared to 55% of other Americans. New Hampshire ranks 2 for the state with the lowest violent crime rates in the county. 

No Natural Disasters

Many places in the United States deal with a variety of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornados. New Hampshire does not have any consistently severe natural disasters that plague them throughout the year. 

Of course, like any place, there are some natural disasters (mostly blizzards) that New Hampshire deals with, but not as consistent as other states.

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Tons of Attractions

There are many fun activities in New Hampshire that are perfect for all ages and interests. If you are interested in outdoor activities, then New Hampshire also has a lot of man-made activities such as Story Land, Santa’s Village, Canobie Lake Park, Hobo Railroad, Alpine Adventures, Children’s Museum of New Hampshire, and Charmingfare Farm.

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