Long Distance Movers For Business

It is the dream of many business owners and entrepreneurs to expand and grow their business to new heights and new horizons. Sometimes that is a figurative dream, but other times it is very literal. When the dream becomes a reality, you’re going to need a reliable and trustworthy long distance mover like College Bound Movers. We have all the necessary licensing and insurance to protect your business’ most valuable assets. Not to mention experienced and friendly staff.

Your Local Licensed & Insured Movers

If you are going from state to state, then the moving company you are considering should have a US DOT number issued by the US Department of Transportation.

A simple check on their database will tell you if it is up to date and if the company is insured. Without those two things, the moving company cannot be relied upon to get your business’ assets from one place to another. When moving in a single state, like Concord to Nashua NH, then you will want to check your NH database for their license and insurance information. College Bound Movers is both licensed and insured in the state of New Hampshire for all your long distance moving needs.

Highly Trained Movers

Efficiency is another major factor for businesses moving long distance in New England. We use a long-term, highly trained team of movers who are on permanent payroll. By not relying on temp agencies or day labor, College Bound Movers can better ensure that your move happens in a timely manner that reduces the down time for your business. The sooner you are able to have your new space set up in your next location, the sooner your business can start serving its customers and making money.

We know that many companies have sensitive documents and other paperwork that will need to be moved along with the office furniture and supplies. You can rest assured that your business’ documents will be treated with appropriate privacy and caution because all of our long-distance movers are trained in how to handle long distance moves for business.

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The New Hampshire Business Review has awarded CBM the Best of Business Award three times for the Corporate Moving Category. It has also been recognized by the Better Business Bureau, and named the 2005 New Hampshire Business of the Year in the Business Services category.

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