Cheap Ways to Decorate You New Home

Your home is a great way to reflect your personality and design preferences. Decorating is an essential step that takes “just another house” and makes it a home. However, decorating can be difficult if you’ve just moved. Money is often tight right after a move, and finding décor that suits your style can be difficult within your price range.

Fortunately, College Bound Movers understands this struggle! We’re here to help teach you how to decorate on a budget. You no longer have to worry about breaking the bank to make your space feel like you!

There are two main methods when decorating a home on a budget. The first way is to use items you already have in unique and innovative ways. This saves you from going out and buying new decorations. With this method, you can also tap into your creative side and try a few DIY projects.

The second method is shopping in the right places that fit your budget and making the best use of sales and coupons! If you have any thrift stores in your area, they may have some exciting finds for a great price.

Innovative Ways to Use What you Have

Decorating your home doesn’t always mean running out and buying new items to spice up the aesthetic. You’d be surprised at the number of ways you can use the things you already have to improve the look of your home. You just have to know how to use them. It’s common to look for a large statement piece when starting to revamp decorations. Many people use this piece to help build off the rest of the aesthetic.

However, bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to home decorating. If you know how to arrange things, you can create a significantly impactful visual effect with just a handful of items.

Creating a focal point directs a person’s eye to a particular area. This focal point will be the first thing people notice when they enter a room. Some rooms have a defining architectural feature, like a fireplace or floor-length windows, which serve as a natural focal point. You can use your room’s natural focal point to your advantage. Placing a few objects that work well on or around that point can enhance the room’s natural aesthetic. This helps you work with the room. Otherwise, if you try to create a different focal point with a different object, it can fight against the room’s original effect.

Another great thing to do is display stuff in sets of three. Groupings of odd numbers are useful because they force the viewer’s eye to move from piece to piece. This creates visual appeal and makes the room look more interesting. They provide a forced movement, widely considered the core of a visually intriguing space.

DIY Ideas: Decorate a Home for Cheap

DIY projects can be a great way to embrace your creativity and turn everyday objects into unique decorations. Taking something ordinary and transforming it into something new or using it differently makes a space more interesting by subverting the viewer’s expectations.

One quick and easy way to do this is by playing with color. The most common way people generally do this is with an accent wall. Accent walls are painted a different color than the other walls in a room, but the color used should still complement the others. However, this isn’t the only way you can use colors to your advantage.

A more practical way to do some DIY decorating and increase your storage space simultaneously is by repurposing items into shelves and cubbies. You can make virtually anything into a shelf if you try hard enough. For example, you can turn an old guitar into a shelf.

If you want more wall ornaments without paying ridiculous prices, you can make your own out of old plates and silverware. You can use plates as a blank canvas to paint whatever you like and hang them to create one-of-a-kind wall decorations. If you have a few picture frames, you can create a visually appealing pattern with old silverware by gluing it into the frame.

Subvert Expectations

People are used to seeing particular objects in a limited range of colors and shades. For example, dining room tables and chairs tend to be white, gray, brown, or some other neutral hue. Painting them a less traditional color can allow you to make ordinary furniture into part of your décor.

You can even go beyond using color and implement less common patterns and textures. Tiled areas, most commonly bathrooms, present an excellent opportunity to experiment with this. Rather than the typical rectangular or square tiles that you’ve probably gotten used to, you may consider using other shapes like triangles or trapezoids. You can even mix and match different shapes.

As for unexpected, untraditional textures, you can find many examples online. Looking for inspiration on websites like Pinterest may present even more ideas. The easiest way to add a bit of unexpected texture to a wall is by playing around with the paint before it dries. For example, applying a thicker layer of wall paint and then dabbing it with a sponge can create a popcorn texture. You can also purchase additives that go into any wall paint, adding varying levels of texture after it dries.

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